Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What God did for us...


What God did for us.

Became a man, but was still God.

Sinless, His death was for us. We don't have to be taught to sin. It's our nature. There's nothing we do that can earn us eternity with God. Except believe Jesus, and agree with what He did for us, personally.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Of bushes and houses

Come in and visit for a spell....(This is our lower entrance into our yard-through the privet hedge, which is bare now of course-from the winter)
I have been making little houses, a little bit inspired by my crush on England, even though I've never been there and I don't know much about the country-I am daffy about it. All because of Lark Rise to Candleford. (Also, some of my ancestors came from England).

 I'm reading the trilogy by Flora Thompson, and I absolutely love it. It's like having a grandma tell you about how things were back in her day-things that have gone by the way-side. Beautiful memories... First published in 1939-I'm still on the first in the trilogy, 'Lark Rise.'  The BBC movie production of this book has me mesmerized by its beauty and the lovely human stories that bring the characters alive. Superbly written and filmed and acted-please don't let this one slip by you...

My little houses are not at all like the ones in the movie series, but I am pretending they are all sea side houses, along some craggy coastline.

(Above) The books I'm reading now-note the book covers are all color-coordinated!

 I covered the cardboard and masking tape houses with paperclay and then painted the windows and doors. I'm not sure what I'll do with them-maybe make the seaside I have imagined.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Just a hello...

These moth photos were taken before we had our house sided and the windows replaced. Our house is about 120 years old, or more. And those windows showed their age! Bubbles in the glass, wavy glass, and hard to fix when there was a problem. The wood was so old! New windows keep the heat and cold out, but have no personality, and beautiful moths do not want to land on them.
This gorgeous creature stayed right on the window for a few hours. It had sprayed its calling card on the window, and sure enough, a mate appeared after a while. I got photos of the mate, but I didn't include them here. I have done a few paintings using these photos. Seeing these creatures is an awe inspiring event. I felt like I was seeing something I'd probably never see again.

Above~someone used a can lid to plug a hole! Of course, that was covered over when the siding went on the house.

Some fall pictures...the asparagus is covered with dew.
The beautiful hazelnut bush and the purple leaves of the Nine-bark bush look pretty together...
My lovely Sam...She has helped me cope with this awful pandemic. I've heard that petting a cat lowers a person's blood pressure. Holding a goose on your lap and petting those soft feathers does the same thing. I always put my hands under her wings to feel the soft, warm down. These pictures are a few years old too, and taken when our lawn was greeen. Right now the grass is brown. We are waiting for a warmer touch from the sun.
In a few weeks Sam will decide to lay a few eggs. She gets all motherly-acting and builds nests. That's when I know I have to open her little egg-laying house. She will turn 20 years old this June 6. We are having a corn party.

I wanted to thank my blog freinds for being such good pals. And everyone who comments-thank you! The seclusion of this pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. No matter what our political beliefs are, we have each other and we share our lives here on Blogger-and that has kept my sanity at times. So I want to thank you-and just say God bless you.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Moth Girl doll

I've been working on this little girl, and just finished her today.

The brown velvet wings don't show up in the photo like they do if you saw her in person. She seems like a little person to me. If you ever need to make moth antlers (I forget the correct name for them) fake Christmas tree branches painted black work perfectly!
I used sari ribbon for her dress top and sewed her in a primitive style. While I was sewing, I kept remembering when my grandma taught me to sew by hand. The stitches were awkward, uneven and untidy-but how I loved sewing!  She was patient with each stitch and knot that I made. It wasn't long before my Barbie doll had skirts and tops-primitve ones-but there they were! And I made them! My grandma's patience went so far that she taught me to knit, crochet, embroider and sew my own clothes. It took me years to learn some things. She tried teaching me to tat-but I was truly lost. I have her tatting needles-if that's the correct word for them.
Thank you for visiting...

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Here's our winter, and a little watercoloring & sketching

I guess you can see we are in snow and ice. Today it's windy and above freezing-so some of this snow is going. I'm hoping I really did hear a red-wing blackbird this morning. Hoping and praying for an early spring, with a warm March. I heard a pilated woodpecker yesterday, and they know the season is changing...

I have been wanting to do little art things that you could use if you desired. So the two watercolors here can be copied and used with my permission, for your personal use. Maybe as part of a tag, or as a note to a friend. I'd love it if you'd use them somehow...It makes me so happy to be painting again and I wanted to share my happiness. I plan to do at least one painting a week that can be used anyway you'd like except for sale. If you use something-let me know what you did if you'd like to. Just have fun with it.
The red paper die cuts are from a Tim Holtz pack that I glued to my sketchbook.

 This sketch is 4 years old now. I did it for a coloring page. 

Thank you for dropping by. I always love to hear from you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The winter that doesn't end.....

It really does exist-summer, spring. Green. Flowers, heat, sweat.
I tried to post some pics of what it looks like here now-but my camera won't upload. So instead I found some warmer weather pics. 
I just can't wait to get in the garden again.
I have a lot to thank God for, and I do thank Him. I can shovel snow like a buzz saw and I think that's great for a 66 year old lady. I love the exercise and it's nice to get out from the warm walls of my house. It's snowing (again) and there's an inch of ice on top of our almost 2 feet of snow. It's warmer than it has been-almost 30 degrees! It will be in the 40's tomorrow. We have ice everywhere and it can be scary. We'll be glad for it to go....

Above are my wild garlics, that like to tangle up with each other sometimes and hug. You can eat the curly green stalks. The little garlic bulbils (think that's what they're called) are tiny and hard to get the papery skin off, but that's how they reseed.
Above-loved my shard all season and ate every bit of it.

David Austin rose, "Evelyn." A wonderful smelling rose and very hardy. All season blooms.
Above-one of my wacky handbags.

 I hope you are warm and safe.