Saturday, May 14, 2022

Sneaky tulip!

such a pretty flower!

I think this is a parrot tulip. It has never been this beautiful in my garden. I feel like someone planted it while I was sleeping and now I get to look at it!

 I've got just one!
I am excited about the flower, but also about a new(old) direction my painting is taking.
It makes me happy.
I am going back to how I used to paint years ago.
I'm going to try to paint a painting a day. 
I'll show you some of them.

Have a good weekend~

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Hello Spring!

The window-robin is back! So far there is one egg. Sorry for the dirty window. It doesn't open and it's on the second floor. No way to clean it. 
Here's dad, waiting for me to get out of the window.

I did get covid, but my husband and I are better now, and both testing negative.  Yesterday I did a bit of painting on the packets I've been working on.

I love getting outside. Spring makes me a bit wild. Like a sensory overload of all my favorite things: birds singing, flowers, the smell of cut grass, peepers and frogs singing, leaves again...and being able to dig in dirt. It's all wonderful....

I love my little patch of may apples.

 I hope you are enjoying the spring and warm weather. Take care, and thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022


My Hawk, fiber and stitches

My husband has Covid. I think he feels like this bird looks!
Thankfully, we have had the vaccine-so hoping it will be without complications and end quickly.



Friday, April 22, 2022

Friday post

I made a pattern and then made some packets to paint on or put my paintings on. I will send them with happy mail.

Drawing-I'm working at getting values right-I am not good at that so I thought working without color would help. This is a drawing I did using a figure from a magazine. 

Below: I gathered driftwood from the lake shore. I will use it to make something.

Above: It's a little hard to see, but that's apile of basket willow from our bushes, cut last fall. I will use this to make something too. And below is my girl Sam, who has been eating grass. She poses well!

Bloodroot, above.

My skunk cabbage.

 Shadows on a rock, above. We have been cold here, but it's better than the 20's. Going to be almost 80 on Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend~

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Little mouse drawing-no story this time!

 This is something old that I sketched. I wanted to do something new for Friday, but I've been digging and transplanting things so I've been rushed to get things done.
We have had wonderful warm weather with peepers and birds singing. It has been a balm to winter-weary souls!

The scan cut off the lower mouse's hind feet and tail-I think because the pencil was too light.
Sorry it's a little sad-depending on how you feel about such critters.

Have a lovely Easter. I'm thanking God for what He did for me on the cross.


Saturday, April 9, 2022

A nest

I saw a little Carolina wren trying to build a nest in the garden mailbox. It would have only meant death to the babies if I had let her continue building. So I filled the end of the mailbox with rocks. Look at the bits of loveliness that she had gathered....

Above is the new compost bin.
And here's Sam, looking up at something...
while she balances on one toe!

I have saved the nest material to draw and paint.

Late Friday hello

I'm late with a Friday story and drawing. This is all older artwork (scribbles! but they are fun to do)....I don't have a story today. I have been busy with a project that I'll tell you more about a little later. It's very exciting!

Everyone has times of sadness or depression or hard things to go through. I don't think it's a good thing to try to hide it-perhaps it's not a good thing to broadcast it on a blog like I have done. 

 But this is a human thing. It is natural, especially when there are events in the world that are impossible to comprehend and make any sense of.
It is much worse to hide and pretend things are ok.
With God, I can work things out, and just having warmer weather with robins singing has helped me.
I have so much to be thankful for-it's amazing!

P.S. ~ After re-reading a bunch of my posts, I discover just how often I mention sadness. Ug. It's too much and I am sorry. This needs to be a nice place to visit, not a grumpy place.