Friday, October 16, 2020

Update for Friday, October 16.

 My brother's temp has not gone up for two days. This is a good thing. I can't remember if I said that his sense of taste and smell is off. He doesn't eat much.

He has not been in the hospital-I should have said that earlier-not exactly thinking straight. So for having pneumonia and Covid-he is doing well-and this is God's hand, holding, protecting, healing.

And that's because of your prayers.

I want to be delicate here, and not angry-which I can feel intensely at times. And this is the reason why-there's so MUCH confusion, opinions and other junk going on about this virus.

Can I set you straight about one thing if you're still reading? Coronavirus is NOT A HOAX. It is not a plot, not political. It doesn't care what you believe or who you're voting for.

But I do think there are things we can all do to prevent the spread and to keep ourselves safe. Please look at the CDC site for guidelines. Follow the science and doctors who have been working in this field of study for decades, like Dr. Fauci. Yes, guidelines have changed since the outbreak, but that's only because we are learning what this thing is like.

It does my brother and others who may be lying in hospital beds exactly no good at all to be fighting about this. 

Let's fight for each other.


  1. Prayers continue
    Good words.
    My winter plans...This winter, goggles, masks, faceshields, gloves, limit time eout of home, around people, eat well, drink water, take your vitamins, wash hands, don't touch face, wash hair, wipe things down, delivery groceries, read humor, laugh, keep your spirits Up, and follow the science.

  2. Sending love and hugs your way! Valerie

  3. Dear Debra,

    I am so happy reading that your brother is recovering. I hope all go well and he is well soon.

    With the best wishes xxx

  4. Oh I am so glad he is recovering at home. He will probably recover much more quickly than if he was isolated in the hospital.
    Much Love

  5. Dear friend - this is wonderful news...will keep praying. Also glad to know he is not in the hospital. Thank you for keeping an update. Hugs!

  6. A few ups and downs with symptoms may be inevitable and on different schedules, but on the whole of this is good news. Temperature is one of the most telling signs. Definitely good news! 🥰

  7. We have taken the virus and the protections seriously. I'm so pleased that your brother is doing better--some good news on that front. Still, this a health threat that we all need to give our attention to. Taking it seriously is common sense. My thoughts continue to be with your brother and his family.

  8. Your brother is fortunate to have such a wonderful sister pulling for him every step of the way. Best wishes to you both! My husband has a cousin who isn't doing well at all with kicking this virus. So sad!

  9. Sure hope your brother is doing better and will be well soon. This virus is a very serious thing.

  10. Sending more prayers for your brother and family

  11. I am so glad your brother is getting better. I don't think being delicate is needed. My son was saying it was all a hoax then he, his wife and son got covid. Oh they live in FL. There are some people that you will not change their minds until they get it or a family member gets it. For me, when I have to go out I wear a mask, face shield, glove and something over my hair. Sterilize my shoes before I come into the house.

  12. Excellent.
    Thanks so much-this is good advice.


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