Wednesday, July 20, 2022

You say 'hello'...

©2019 Debra Smith 

gouache on paper 4"x4"

Thank you for the wonderful comments about my painting 'Bird and Dill.'  I love to let that part of me come out in painting or creating. The painting above was done when I was trying to figure out gouache-I LOVE using gouache. The real deal, not the acrylic gouache-BUT-that has cerain things going for it that are fun too.

One bit of advice that I read over and over and hear on YouTube videos is "Buy the best pigment you can afford. Don't skimp on paint." And I agree with that but I have to make one diversion from that train of thought. Cheap-o bottle paints CAN BE USED and do have their place. I'm talking about acrylics. I don't think there is much value in getting cheap watercolors or oils or oil pastels. Here I'm sounding like some great authority and someone who commands respect because they are making a living selling their art. I have used cheap-o bottle acrylics to do paintings. Not as a rule, but at times. I think mixing color is the best way to go, and if you rely on already mixed color-you miss a beautiful part of being an artist and expressing yourself in color. 

I (occasionally) use some Blick matte acrylic paint in 2 oz.bottles and the pigment is 'nice.' The problem with the cheap-o's is that there's lots of fillers and water and very little pigment. So you end up repainting a few times to get a nice even color. You can use that handicap to your advantage though, and that's what I like to play with when I use those paints. It is still best to buy the best paint you can afford.

Long and windy!

 Well, here I am with a hurtin' face from some surgery to remove some basal cell cancer. I'm wrapped up like the mummy woman and it's uncomfortable. Besides that, I can't pick up and hold my goose for a while!

Soooo...we have a ton of STUFF going on here and I will be on a blog break till about August. I will probably be lurking around and saying howdy on your posts.

Take care my good friends.

Love, Debra XXOO



kathyinozarks said...

Hi Debra, I really love this painting you shared today-I think gouache is your medium I hope this one is hanging on your wall.
thank you for the tips, I have read that too, best to buy the best paints one can afford. I did buy good watercolor paints and I am not that good at painting, I need to sit down and make me a color chart on how to mix different paints for different colors that would help me allot.
so sorry you had to go through the medical procedure-take care of yourself-hugs from the lake

R's Rue said...

I love your work. Take care. Regine


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love that painting. It reminds me of the electric lines dotting my photos today. However, I like you painting so much better than my photos. I was recently given some tubes of black gouache. I have NO idea what to do with it. Apparently you do.

I'm not a painter. I don't even want to be. I love to make a few abstracts and shapes, but I am a cut and paste, or sew paper to paper kind of gal. However, I agree about buying the best paint you can afford.

I read somewhere that cheap craft paint is already mixed. That is why you get such "cute" colors, like Candy Cane, Blueberry Pie, etc. Real paint is Raw Umber, etc. It can easilly be mixed with other colors to create new ones. My favorites are Fluid Acrylics by Golden. You can water them down and get the consistency of watercolors. I have some heavy body acrylics, but have never used them. Wouldn't know what to do with them. Got them for a steal, though when one of our JoAnne's was going out of business. We're talking large 12 oz tubs for $1.00 (USD) and small 6 or 8 oz tubs for $0.69 (USD).

I truly love your advice.

And then I read that you are wrapped up like a mummy after your surgery. I hope you are well soon. I will eagerly await your return in August, dear. I always enjoy your art, your garden, Sam, and your sage advice.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Prayers for your good health and healing!

Hill Top Post said...

I enjoyed your post, and am taking notes. I agree that gouache must be your medium. I love the painting!

sirkkis said...

You have got very beautifully shades of grey (what is note easy) on your gorgeous scenery and trees. I feel that acrylics are too heavy me to paint expressions. I don't know gouauches and would like to paint with them!
This week I painted something (will post it tomorrow) with colored pencils - new to me.
By the way we could have same basalioma. I have it on my body sine 1980. It must always operate and nowadays with other ways too. They have said that it is often either on face or body, not often on both
I don't lay on beach any more, sun is not good for it ☹️
I wish you all the best, enjoy the summer, your garden and Sam ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒบ

Becki said...

I love that painting, too, Debra. It's moody and looks like a rainy day. I pray you heal up quickly and nicely. See you in August! said...

It is a while since I used gouache, if I remember I didn't get on with them too well. You have done a marvellous job. Hope you're feeling great soon.

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh my Debra - I am praying they were successful with your surgery. Hope you are feeling a bit better since you wrote this post. I will continue to pray for you sweet friend.
I think you are doing a fabulous job with gouache. I think it is amazing how you can paint something so delightful and whimsical (from your previous post) and also a lovely winter landscape that appears so realistic.
Thank you too for your prayers for Shelby and I. She is still with us and we are grateful. Hugs!

DVArtist said...

This is really beautiful. You do know how to handle gouache. I am really taken by this piece.