Friday, June 19, 2020

Rose Petal Jam Recipe

 Chillin' bunny rabbit says it's time for rose petal jam!
 You can make freezer or fridge jam from your roses!
They must be organic-no sprayed roses and be very fragrant.
I am so blessed to have these pink roses that I transplanted from an ancient house I used to live in. These are antique roses-I don't know their name. If anyone can identify them, plese leave me a comment.
 You can see they are very double. I wish you could smell them. They are so fragrant it's crazy.
 I gathered about 3/4 of a normal collander's worth of petals. Take out any brown outer petal, and bugs of course.
 Put the petals in a blender, and use up to 1 cup of water to get a liquid. You really have to stop and blend, stop and blend the whole time-don't mix the petals down with the blender going. Add water a bit at a time until it looks like the above.
 I didn't photograph every step, but I'll tell you what I did, then give the recipe at the end of this post. Trust me-it's easier than it sounds. These photos show how much I got from this batch.
Ok-you've got the blended rose petals with some water added. Add the juice of one lemon. Now add 3 cups of sugar and stir that in the blender by hand-don't blend it. Let the blender sit while you stir one packet of Sure Jell into 3/4 cups of water. Stir constantly so it won't burn. Stir as it boils hard one minute.
Now pour this into the blender and stir by hand one minute.
Pour into jars. Must be refridgerated or frozen.

Rose Petal Jam Recipe

Packed blender of rose petals
1/4 c to 1 cup of water in blender with petals
juice of one lemon
blend until liquid-careful to turn blender off when pushing petals down in the blender
add 3 cups sugar-stir in blender by hand
boil 3/4 cup water and one pack Sure Jell
stir as it boils hard one minute
pour this into blender, stir one minute or untill pectin is totally mixed into rose mixture
pour into glass jars, seal and freeze or refridgerate

keeps a month or so in fridge
6 months in freezer

I've been making this about 30 years (I'm 65 so that's almost half my life!)
It's so good ontop of a plain baked pie crust, on top of toast, crackers, cake...

If you make this, let me know how you like it.
Any questions-leave a comment.



  1. Wow, jam from flower petals?! I never would have guessed. It makes an unusual gift, I’m sure. We have tried to grow roses, but failed miserably with little sun. Enjoy this delicacy for us!

  2. Wonderful recipe! The leaves reminds me of a rock rose. Maybe a double petal type.
    I can imagine the rose jam on a cookie during a winter snowfall.

  3. I have never seen jam like this before, it sounds most interesting. If I ever have such beautiful roses I will try it. Love the bunny, too! Hugs, Valerie

  4. very pretty! and thank you for the recipe

  5. Dear Debra - I have some old fashioned pink roses just like yours blooming...I want to give this a try. It looks beautiful and I am sure very delicious. What a wonderful capture of the bunny too. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Hugs!

  6. Love the bunny pic! And what a beautiful jam!

  7. Wish I had some roses to try this special jam. Yes, I bet it is amazing! Thank you for sharing the recipe. And I love the first photo! I don't think I've ever seen a chillin' bunny:)

  8. Debra, I mentioned some free online classes in response to your comment on my last blog post. I've copied & pasted here: There are even lots of free classes out there now ( - click on "courses" & then "free;" - click on "classes" & then "free;" - click on "free stuff." Hope you indulge yourself:)

  9. Hi Debra! I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog. This jam is gorgeous... what a beautiful shade of pink! I can only imagine how wonderful it must taste... I'll save the recipe! Thankyou sweet friend! Lea


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