Thursday, June 10, 2021

More garden and thoughts on geese

 Photos of our garden and yard, taken early this morning. The robins are starting a second brood.

The garden and working in it makes me very happy. I love it that the robins are sort of overseeing the whole thing.

 Of course Sam, my old goose, is really the boss. She especially loves to eat dandelion greens and will take them from my hand. She knows that "Look it!" means here's something to eat. Geese are smart animals-I've had geese for about 35 years, and have experinced very different personalities and degrees of 'smartness.' Some are always going to have an attitude of 'You will never tame me. I only tolerate you. Give me some corn to eat.' And other geese will be yours to hold and love and be your companion much like a dog with feathers. They seem to know you will not hurt them, and that lack of fear helps you "communicate" even more with that goose. Of course, many other animals have that trait. You just might not expect it from a goose, but it can be there. Other geese will always be clowns, and there will be the trouble-makers that you love, but they will always be trying to out-wit you and perplex you.

My Mom says I had geese on my bassinet lining when I was a little baby, so it has been a life-long love for me. My greatest challenge in raising geese over the years has been to tame the ones that seemed so afraid of me. For this die-hard introvert, I have learned a lovely lesson. Rejection is only temporary; love will win out in the end. Don't ever give up on l o v e.


  1. beautiful message
    and I loved your slow mail-hugs

  2. So lovely around your home, Debra. Is the purple flower Salvia or Lavender? I’m just learning those two. I love them both. Also, what is the large green sorta wrinkly pod? It has me wondering. Your thoughts on geese reveal your deep connection to them. The ones you’ve had were very fortunate to be loved so.

    1. The pod is a annual poppy. It stands about 5 feet tall. That's a bit bigger than they normally get. The purple is salvia and it would be very hard to tell the difference from a photo.

  3. Wonderful flowers and a beautiful garden. I am in awe that you have had your goose for such a long time, and that you can even cuddle him. So lovely! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Beautiful photos. The robins are a happy pair for sure.

  5. Beautiful flower and nature photos. All look fresh and I like that there is space enough to all your feathered friends and dear Sam of course.
    Enjoy the weekend my friend 🌱🐦

  6. I can't think of a better boss than Sam! :~) You and Sam ~ what a team! How quickly color has burst out all over your garden. Your photos are wonderful. I love the first two...just wow!

  7. I'm tempted to board a plane and come visit your garden! I love the open spaces, too! I'm still envious of your window-sill robins and amused by your adventures with Sam. :)


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